Shape shifting walls

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Just a cool inspiring link i discovered today….

Water is an essential element for life. All species, fauna and flora, have evolved with water and have developed vital reactions to water in terms of survival. Nature always has a professional way to solve life’s problem. In order to release and protect its seeds, a pine cone has the amazing ability to open and close through its surface reaction to water. This natural phenomenon led me to a material study into pine cone of bio-mimicry science and has inspired me to create a laminate water-reacting material.

The water-reacting surface is an architectural exterior material. Installed outside the building, it brings bright colour to residents in dim rainy days, especially in cities usually rains (London, Nanjing, Wuxi, etc.). On sunny days, the tiles of the surface are dry and lie flat. On rainy days, the tiles get wet and bend automatically, gently opening and showing the colour hidden beneath the surface to bring vitality to the space.

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